Under the sea of Chanel | Chanel Spring 2012

Chanel Spring 2012
There was no need to guess which of the elements was inspiring Karl Lagerfeld for spring 2012: that much was evident in the giant coral and clam shell props that turned the Chanel stage into an underwater paradise. For the most part, though, this wasn’t one of the more detail-heavy collections of Karl’s. It was the influx of pure white and pastel pieces in clean structures that were in fact the most elegantly understated – from shift-style dresses to pristine white bikinis. Later on the addition of pouffy sleeves, frills and embellishments gave the pieces a far more girlish, little mermaid sentiment.

The most fitting element throughout the show was the use of pearls – a Chanel standard if ever there was one – only this time re-purposed from the long necklace strands into waist belts and hair accessories. A few pearls scattered through a wet-look hairstyle, and even dotted strategically on the face, helped give the impression that the models were underwater fixtures themselves.

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Atelier By Ligia Fiedler - Custom Sewing & Design

Atelier By Ligia Fiedler - Custom Sewing & Design
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