HP's Vivienne Tam Edition netbook

HP's Vivienne Tam Edition netbook
This 10 inch, 2 pound fashion-conscious electronic accessory features a beautiful floral design found in Ms. Vivienne Tam Spring 2009 collection, allowing you to be ever so stylish while computer ready on the go, at the same time.

It’s small, so it fits in a clutch… literally, I tried it. :)
But honestly I’d use it only in a regular handbag.  It weighs 2.5 pounds (1 kg), so even a weakling like myself can schlep it around.

Blogging is possible. Probably the most mobile and comfortable way to blog without the every day computer. Now if internet cafes were easier to find...

The keyboard is almost as big as a full size keyboard… and big enough to type comfortably.

The screen is small (duh) but it’s browsable. I found the F11 key to be very useful, it hides the navigation bar in the browser. The screen also has this handy privacy feature where you can only see the screen properly if you are directly in front of it. Nosy neighbors, no thank you. I had no problem running internet browsers.

The speakers are built into the hinge of the machine. See the silver hinge? That’s the speaker, and it’s pretty loud, enough to hear from 10 feet away, if necessary. The speakers are load, seriously. :))

 I love it !!!

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