4 simple tricks for nail polish to last longer than 3 days on nails

You just returned from manicure and you put a sense of satisfaction when you look at the new color of the nail, but I think with horror that, within three days, as usual, the lake and is will peel and your impeccable manicure will be a beautiful memory. We know all this happened to us at least once and it is not pleasant, especially when it happens right before a meeting you dream of long time before an interview. I made a number of tricks to get the salt lake ordeal exempt from the nail only three days of application.

The secret lies in the proper application of nail polish: the lake often loses its strength because it was not observed the correct order. So order you must follow is this: apply a colorless base to protect your nails, two coats of color and ends with one topcoat. Do not worry if after the first application of the lake colored nail does not look perfect - the color is evenly distributed to and will look perfect after applying the second coat.
Choosing nail polish is another very important factor. If the lake is too thick texture, then you certainly will not be long until it starts to give way.
On the other hand, if the texture is too liquid, the color will not adhere very well. To be avoided are uninspired mixtures of manicure products, which many of us do and we hope to be able to reuse some old paint. An already hardened nail polish will not ever regain optimal texture if you mix it with solvent.
An alternative practice extremde are semi-permanent lakes. Can be applied at the salon, but the novelty is that they come with kits that you can apply this kind of products at home. If you take into account that the nail lacquer will hold between 10 and 15 days, it is an option to consider.
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