Beauty secrets from nature

It is a plant that has a very special relationship with femininity, to which attributes increase. The root of this plant secrete plant hormones with estrogenic effects (feminized) if made specifically to help women to enhance their beauty, to rejuvenate and, not least, to be more healthy.Licorice is a perennial herb (whose root dormant over winter in the ground) and to be collected right now, spring. Worldwide there are over twenty species and varieties of this plant, but the most common and safest remedy is that even species that grow in Romania: Glycyrrhiza glabra. Fortunately, for the benefit of its exceptional properties, no need to go to a harvest of snow, because there are two forms in health food stores as effective: tinctures and capsules licorice.
Liquorice and breast growth
Along with dill, licorice has a remarkable growth of breasts. After just 2-4 weeks of administration, bust circumference increases by 3-5 inches. Breasts grow in volume, become more firm without any risky surgery, without putting in any way a health hazard. Capsule effects of licorice extract are not permanent (it takes about a month to half a year, sometimes more), but they can be obtained again by repeat course, so as to arrive at a certain constant From this point of view.During cure, give each 6-10 capsules of licorice extract daily over a period of four weeks, followed by two weeks of rest, after which the administration can be resumed.
Liquorice and skin
Estrogens contained in licorice have an immediate effect on the skin, which softens and strengthens. Dried licorice extract is administered in capsule form, which is taken daily 6-8, in the course of six weeks, followed by three to four weeks of rest, after which the administration can be resumed. To accelerate the beneficial action of the plant internally managed external treatments are recommended and argan oil. It is an oil obtained from a plant that grows in North Africa and which we now find in our stores natural. Immediately after bathing, rub the skin with slight movements of the hands, with the oil that enters the skin easily. For women with dry or normal skin, it is recommended and lubrication of argan oil. Login perfect skin that protects and beautifies.
Liquorice and hirsutism
When not shown due to genetic predisposition, unsightly hair growth on the body is due to hormonal disturbances. In most cases, this phenomenon occurs extremely unpleasant for women decreases when the concentration of female hormones (estrogen) and increases the amount of male hormones (testosterone).Beauty of nature
This hormonal imbalance that leads to masculinization of women and thus the appearance of hair in the wrong places, stems largely excessive psychological stress, inadequate nutrition (with more protein from meat, synthetic additives, saturated fats, etc..), Lack rest, negative emotions like enervarii, anger or anxiety. The evolution of this phenomenon can be stopped by improving lifestyle, which will feature more relaxing, pure food and many raw fruits and vegetables for better management of emotional states. And to re-recommend hormone balancing rapid cure licorice. Treatments are held every six weeks, during which take 8-10 capsules per day, then take a break for two to three weeks, then resume management. It is a treatment that stops the evolution of hirsutism, but - unfortunately - it helps to withdrawal where already appeared. To remove this shortcoming, the only solution is Depilatory treatments, which however will be made less frequently, because the growth rate of these hairs will be slowed by treatment with this herb.
Liquorice and rejuvenation
It is known that in the last two decades there have been many experiments to extend biological youthfulness of women with female hormones. These experiments, which used animal hormones or synthetic oestrogenic substances were successful in terms of physical appearance and tone of women using these substances. Unfortunately, these treatments, which are, as in fairy tales, as a third age woman to look up to 20 years younger and have huge risks related to tumor and degenerative diseases. In contrast, when the plant estrogens, which the human body is genetically programmed to interact, over tens of thousands of years of evolution, these harmful side effects do not occur or are incomparably lower. Or, licorice is one of the best sources of plant estrogens, both tincture and dry extract proving the most effective in this regard. Are 3-4 times a year that are taken daily cures in 3-4 teaspoons of tincture or 800 mg of licorice extract. A treatment lasts 30-40 days and is especially visible rejuvenating effects by repetition.
Liquorice and menopause
Administration of this plant should start during perimenopause, when you have a mitigation of symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, palpitations, mental irritability or depression. Used after menopause to prevent plant root, simply installing some unpleasant problems such as osteoporosis, uterine prolapse, genital atrophy, etc.. The "blame" for these effects are the same substances having a hormonal composition of licorice, which will be administered in capsule form every six per day. Like all plants rejuvenating treatments, and one with licorice will be greatly boosted by eating a mostly vegetarian food rich in chlorophyll, which are found in abundance in early spring, such as spinach, nettle salad green onions, wild garlic, untisorul, chervil, parsley and fresh dill, lovage and celery leaves.
Liquorice and frigidity
The root of this plant is one of the few remedies with proven efficiency in this area. Beyond dictum according to which "no frigid women, only men incompetent and insensitive", which contains much disturbing truth there, however, and remedies for this disorder. Frigidity can have an organic component, receiving some remedies, among them licorice. It manages the plant in the course of a months, during which take 8-10 capsules daily before meals. This herb reduces reactivity to mental stress, given that the latter is one of the main triggers frigidity. In Asia, licorice is used for extension to old age, the sex lives of women, as it helps to maintain healthy reproductive system, lubrication and youth at this level biological organism.
Simple rules for maximum effect
* Keep track of lunar cycles - all treatments that involve a form of growth or regeneration, rejuvenation such as straps or those for breast growth will be started when the moon is rising. In contrast, diets or treatments to reduce body fat, eliminate cellulite, etc.. will be started when the moon is down.* Sleeping Beauty - not a myth. Sufficient and restful sleep is of immense help for female beauty. He set in motion the processes of regeneration and helps maintain hormonal balance, keeping skin young and elastic tissue.* Unsaturated fats - fats is totally unjustified fear in women, if it refers to oils cold-pressed from roasted sunflower seeds, sesame or walnut. Fats contained in these natural foods are essential for the maintenance of female characters such as skin smoothness, rich and shiny hair and firm breasts.* The secret to achieve - automasajul, be made vigorously to eliminate cellulite and excess fat, or bland for breast growth or muscle relaxation, magical effects. Research demonstrates that local metabolic processes are harmonized and balanced under the influence touches. The idea, then, is simple: if you want to heal or embellish no matter what part of the body, touch it with tenderness!* Smiles and laughter - are more precious than the most sophisticated beauty face to face lift surgery or reduction of wrinkles. When you smile frequently or shoot copious servings of laughter, train the muscles of expression, which will remain tonic. Even the wrinkles that will form will have a look ... pleasant, healthy, giving us an optimistic mimicry.
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