Suri Cruise launches £1.5million fashion range

Is actress and mother Katie Holmes launching the “Suri Cruise Fashion Line” featuring her and Tom Cruise’s fashionable daughter? Will she follow in her mother’s footsteps and unveil her own Suri collection? According to a report in The Sun, insider sources claim the pint-sized fashionista will launch her line for young girls this fall in a New York department store:

“Suri is only seven but she is incredibly interested in clothes. She has been through a very difficult year and adapted amazingly to her new life in New York, including the upheaval of starting normal school. This is a nice hobby for her, it’s certainly not going to take over her life. Most girls dream of being able to make their own clothes, this just means her drawings will now become a reality. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, there’s nothing around quite like it.”

Sorry, we hate to burst your bubble, but the “Suri Cruise Fashion Line” isn’t launching anytime soon. Contrary to Internet rumors fueled by The Sun that the stylish 7 year is launching her own label, a spokesperson on behalf of Katie confirmed that the rumors were “100 per cent” false this afternoon.

So, Suri is just your average kid. For now.
By Alex Carter, via:

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