The Etiquette Of Using Your Smartphone

When dealing with all matter of social interactions and communication there is a certain code of conduct which we all follow, and talking on the phone makes no exception. So why single out smartphones? Because with the multitude of new features and applications the smartphone has made way for entire new means of breaking traditional etiquette.

So here are some etiquette rules to help you navigate through the murky waters of Facebook and Twitter updates, mediocre Instagram food pictures, mirror photos and other such modern practices.

Virtual society
• Don’t overshare, no one really cares that much about your food, your shopping, and all other intimate details of your life.

• The accidental inspirational quotes are alright, but honestly now, if we are able to sign into Facebook, we can also type “quotes about life/love/fashion” on google.

• Mirror photos. NO.

Real society
• It is not polite to talk or text when others are in the room, so if you must return a call do it in a quiet place.

• Don’t spend your time constantly checking the phone when you should be involved in actual conversations.

• Speak softly and you might even consider turning your ringer off in public areas, especially restaurants, theaters, and so on.

• Speaking of restaurants, there is no bigger faux-pas than making your table-mates wait while you take yet another picture of your favorite salad.

• Never text when you’re with a friend, acquaintance, or worst yet, a business contact. If you decide to meet up with people, then these deserve your undecided attention, and any text can surely wait.

• There’s a limit to text messaging for a reason, so keep it short and sweet.

• Check you spelling and grammar. Just watch out for auto-correct, as the results of unchecked messaging can be as embarrassing, as they are hilarious.

• Never use texting to communicate something of great importance. If you don’t have time for a phone call, then it’s probably not the time to talk.

• A text is not an email, so if it’s too late to call, it’s too late to text.

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