Designer Silvia Terziu open a workshop in May 2013 in Timisoara

After she conquered Paris with her
clothing creations and dressed many celebrities from abroad, Silvia Terziu now wants to conquer with style and elegance, the Romanians. Fashion designer turned back to Timisoara(Romania), her hometown, to inaugurate a new workshop. And that's not the only surprise that she has prepared.

After she opened a workshop in Paris, Silvia Terziu is now preparing to open another one, on the banks of the Bega. "I want to give them Parisian
air to the people of Timisoara," she says.

For this si prepared exquisite outfits, for sensual and provocative woman, who wants to stand out.

She reached the pinnacle of success, stepping in the footsteps of famous designers such as Marc Jacobs and Stephane Rolland. She worked with
Stephane Rolland two years ago: "It was very nice, it was, of course, an unforgettable experience, considering that is a very famous designer and I also had the opportunity to meet the whole back-team."

It was an experience from which she learned a lot and helped her check a Romanian premiere fashion: "I had a creation that was displayed for a year at the French Postal Museum. And, after being a great success, was extended for the second year."

Romanian designer dressed many celebrities from abroad and even from Romania. Now Silvia plans to dress Lady Gaga. In pearls.

Until the siger will accept, the designer is preparing intensively for a fashion parade premiered in Romanian fashion. On June 7, in Timisoara.
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