Ashish Fall-Winter 2013-2014 RTW Fashion Show

LONDON-Ashish Gupta showcased his latest collection in London Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2013-2014. Taking inspiration from pop art, Gupta presented a collection full of sequins , jeans, construction jackets and sparkly plaid , which made for a fun, dynamic runway show with windswept hair, graphic prints, and a few quirky elements. 

WHO said sequins had to be practical? Well, no one actually but if you had any doubt then Ashish Gupta was out to put you straight this afternoon for a collection that interpreted "street style" quite literally - high-vis tabards and outside-work wear uniforms the staple of autumn/winter for this designer. And add to that some sequin tweeds, checks and hound's-tooth.

In this sense - slip dresses and blanket sparkly ponchos alongside sweatshirts and the slouchy styles of trousers that we've been seeing everywhere this week (it might finally be time to say farewell to the skinny jean), plus all of the above - it was a slightly schizophrenic collection. Glamorous by default rather than by design and if anything it was as though Ashish was trying to ditch his trademark sequins, choosing as he did to use a lot of grey, brown and monochrome when it wasn't those high vis oranges and yellows.

But he wasn't ditching the humour and wit we have come to know and love him for - sweatshirts emblazoned with cheeky London Fashion Week empathetic messages (long day? He has a jumper to express the sentiment all too clearly).

Where a lot of designers have chosen to go bright and cheery for winter, something you could be forgiven for expecting from Ashish, he wasn't playing ball and this was something of a mixed collection. 

With thanks to Mercedes Benz 

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