Genital Hair Removal

A growing number of men and women have begun to search for an effective and inexpensive solution for genital hair removal. This guide contains information on the best methods and solution for women and men to get rid of their unwanted genital hair.

Genital hair removal

For men, this process involves removing unwanted hair from the scrotum and penis, In the case of women, they are concerned with the labia minora, labia majora, and the clitoral hood.

Anyone who is interested in any of the below mentioned procedures should first understand that these procedures involves exercising a lot of care, given the uneven, thinner skin down there.

Most of the generic hair removal treatments and methods are not of much use when it comes to the genitals. Here are some of the best removal solution for genital hair:

  • Depilatory creams

Genital hair removal creamsThere aren’t a lot of topically applied creams available that are mild enough to be used on one’s genital region. However, there are some creams that can be used for this purpose.

Dermology is among the best treatments for genital growth. It’s a mild solution, that doesn’t have any side effects. A noteworthy point about Dermology is that it results in the user getting clean and smooth skin in minimal time.

Another equally effective cream is produced by Revitol. While you wouldn’t get the advantage of smooth skin in this case, it is without a doubt just as effective as the above recommendation.

  • Hair Removers

If you’re comfortable with the idea of shaving in the genital region, then the best solution for you is to procure an electric pubic shaver. These shavers are effective for removal, and completely cut out the risk that is often associated with using a razor.

These shavers look quite like the more common men’s beard shavers, expect that they have a rotary foil on the top. One would need to first trim their growth, before using this device.

Much like shaving, the hair tends to grow back quite quickly. This tends to get quite frustrating for most people, which is why this method is not considered to be of much use for the area in question. Cream have many advantages as compared to these removers.

  • Waxing

Genital hair removal with waxingWaxing is quite effective when it comes to a woman’s genitalia for obvious reasons. In the case of men, the process isn’t quite as easy, or comfortable for that matter.

The problem arises when it comes to the scrotum, where the skin present is flappy, which makes it quite difficult to administer by oneself. Since most waxing professionals aren’t prepared to go down there, men particularly are aversive to considering waxing as a viable option.

An obvious advantage of waxing is that it removes the strands from the roots itself. This means that it will take at least 3 to 8 weeks for them to grow back to their previous length.

Additionally, you can also opt for special inhibitors which slows down the rate of growth substancially. Remember this, is you’re not used to getting waxed, then the pain might be unbearable at first, in which case you should opt for one of the creams mentioned above.

  • Laser

This is probably the best method available out there, but an obvious disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive. It can take anywhere between 5 and 10 sessions, where each session costs you a minimum of $150.

Another major disadvantage which women would probably be more sensitive to is that you would need to expose your privates to a few strangers while undergoing the treatment.

For those who can afford it, laser removal is without a doubt the best option out there. For everybody else, we would suggest opting for genital hair removal creams, for which inexpensive and effective options have been provided above.

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