Hair Laser Removal Cost and Treatments

Hair Laser Removal Cost and Treatments

Hair and skin factors do affect the cost of  laser hair removal, the biggest factor is how many treatments will be required for complete hair removal. On average, six different sessions are required for thorough, smooth results, though coarse, thick hair may require more treatments and fine, thin hair may be effectively removed more quickly. Most laser hair removal specialists charge clients on a per-session basis, so the fewer treatments that are required, the lower the cost will be.

So exactly how much does laser hair removal cost? Price ranges can differ for patients based on treatment area, hair density, and the geographical region where your laser hair removal is performed. These are a few sample cost averages for laser hair removal sessions based on treatment area:

Full face: $250-650

Chest: $150-450

Underarms: $150-250

Back: $300-800

Half of both legs: $250-650

Bikini area: $150-450

Laser  removal cost varies depending upon the doctor, where you live, the extent of the procedure, and other factors.
The annual cost for laser hair removal can be less expensive than waxing. After evaluating initial results, you and your doctor or RN can determine the optimal number of sessions required to achieve your expectations.
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