Kim Kardashian And Laser Hair Removal For Christmas

Remember the story a few month’s ago about Kim Kardashian and laser hair removal? Well the socialite and reality TV star shows her love for the procedure yet again this Christmas, by gifting all the women in her family removal kits of their own.

According to the young starlet, she has already planned a gift for her family members this Christmas. The reality TV star, who recently split from her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, has gone on record stating that she will be presenting laser hair removal kits to all ladies in her family this Christmas.

Laser Hair Removal Kim Kardashian

Remembering how her mother was the first in her family to use such kits for waxing eyebrow hair, she said that modern kits have made the entire process even easier.
The hot-bodies stunner is impressed with this method of laser hair removal enough to go ahead and gift them to her friends during the upcoming holiday season.

It was just last month when Kim turned 30. Commenting on her earlier claims that she will be married by the age of 30, Kardashian said that she is currently “married” to her work, and hasn’t given up on love just yet.
The reality show star also confirmed her single status since her split with Dallas Cowboys football player Miles Austin in September 2010, and said that she is still looking for love.
One things is for certain – Kim Kardashian and laser hair removal certainly seem to love each other!
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