Missoni Fall-Winter 2013-2014 RTW Fashion Show

MILAN -- When the going gets rough we dont usually reach for our sexy six inch heels or that super tight dress. Instead, we gravitate towards comfort. So its no wonder with a recent family tragedy, the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Missoni collection majorly presented beautiful yet comfortable designs. Presented at Milan Fashion Week, Models walked down the runway wearing flowy wrap coats, loose trousers and coats. While maybe not the sexiest of collections, this collection showcased a quieter beauty.

A collection that ranks comfort first in the shape of elegant robe coats in reversed sheepskin and materials like quilting, damier wool and chromatic shading. Light shades alternate or come combined in two to then develop into more vivid colours as in the looks half-knit half-mesh. Fluid volumes and layering are the features of a style where knitwear is synonymous with freedom

mini, midi and maxi 

black, white, pearly white, lime green, coral, orange, red, cornflower

wool knitted in big stitches or creating small graduated shading patterns where darker hues meet more vivid ones; angora and sequin embroideries. Silk satin, tweed cashmere combined with alpaca, mink, leather and beaver

shapes are flowing and loose for a comfortable layered look. Long-line tops, vests, sheaths and loungewear pants. Hems vary in length and trousers can be combined with a short top or a long coat. Cardigans as well as jumpers are fastened via a ribbon while jackets have often no buttons

flat leather boots, leather quilting boots: ankle-boots in leather and nylon mesh or suede and resin; suede satchels carried by hand, bags in leather or suede textured or quilted, clutches in plated lamé; fishnet stockings
by Patrizia Gatti, via: http://www.vogue.it/en/ 

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