Sleeping at noon - beneficial or harmful?

As much as we hated sleeping in the afternoon when we were kids, the more we want now, as adults, to afford it. When we were kids we were told that we need to sleep if we want to grow up, so it was beneficial. But now?

The human body, through its biological rhythm, invariably sends us the need to sleep around noon or between the hours of 15 to 17. What happens if you will sleep? Well, it's not all good news: experts say that sleeping during the day increases the risk of having problems with nocturnal rest, considered to be the most important for the regeneration of the body.

If we can hold out during the day, say experts, we are able to sleep more deeply at night, because of a generated by
the brain substance, adenosine. Its level increases every waking hour of the day and night effects feel for inducing a restful sleep.

However, a nap during the day has several benefits. Studies show that people who rest during the day perform better at work, focus better and allows to "wash" the hippocampus, the brain area responsible for short term memory to make room for new information.

Too much sleep at noon can make us feel dizzy, so it is best not
to stay in bed more than 20 minutes.
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