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We are Superwomen with the abilities to have it all these days. Having your dream career, being with the love of your life, and having a family are no longer far fetched fantasies. Being a career woman who has it all has actually become a way of life and we are eager to create these realities for ourselves! With that, comes the dreaded question of what to wear to the office while still looking corporate chic and fashionable!

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How to Create a Corporate Chic Ensemble
A few fabulous additions to the work wardrobe can create endless combinations that will wow the entire office. The key is to invest in classic garments that will never go out of style and to choose interesting colors, patterns and cuts that will compliment your body type and personality.

There are three key pieces that you should own: a simple dress, the blazer, and the pencil skirt, all of which are easily mixable and matchable items in your closet. Purchasing these items will help you look stylish in your everyday work life. Who said you can’t be a cubicle babe!? I sure didn’t!

I am happy to share some ideas to keep you looking fabulous at the office! This column is all about ‘corporate chic’ and the latest updates for your office wardrobe. Read on.

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