Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins, Tabitha And Marion, Are The Most Stylish NYC Kids

Style is hereditary, and here is the proof: Sarah Jessica Parker's twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, are the trendiest little girl, with New York City as their playground.
They are almost four year old and have displayed an innate ability to accessorize.

Tabitha and Marion Broderick can coordinate, power clash and layer better than any kids we've met.

Here's Tabitha And Marion's style guide:

Sarah Jessica Parker's twins rocked their own individual styles as they traipsed around NYC's West Village with their famous mom.

 Sometimes it's OK to wear the same outfit as someone else.

 An umbrella is as vital as any other accessory.

 Bright colors can warm up a winter ensemble.

 Sarah Jessica Parker twins staying warm in Appaman accessories and jackets.

 Headbands make playtime even easier. 

  Headbands make playtime even easier.

  Headbands make playtime even easier.

 Pink isn't just for Wednesdays.

 Rain boots and crowns are appropriate no matter the weather.

 Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins  with rain boots.

 Safety is always in style.

 Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins rock
Tabitha and Marion Broderick Enjoy Ice Cream In NYC

That black-and-white headband and the yarn poufs are to die for. These little ones are doing Mom proud.

When in doubt, layer.

Wear shoes you can run in.

Try Not to Hate Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins for Already Having a Better Hair Accessory Repertoire Than You

to be continued...

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