Ways to hot up a plain cotton t-shirt

The humble t-shirt long ago gave up its casual past and made the transition into every part of the wardrobe. But it’s still easy to forget its existence in a time when spring’s trends offer up so much more than plain cotton.
As a reminder of just how versatile a simple tee can be, it’s worth scanning through this shoot from Madame Figaro, styled by Julie Gillet. It visually lists the following ways, if you’ll allow us to extrapolate, to hot up a cotton tee with minimal effort:

  1. Add statement jewellery, like a bold tribal necklace, on top of a tee for high impact.
  2. Contrast the ease of a cotton tshirt with the luxe fetishism of a leather harness.
  3. Layer a crop top or bralet over a tshirt. It doesn’t matter if the tee is a little looser and haphazardly pokes out from the bottom, it only adds to the effortless quality.
  4. Juxtapose simple cotton against luxurious textures like sequins or embellishments. The latter raises up the former just as the former pares back the latter.
  5. For a little bit of extra tomboy cool, roll up (and pin, if required) the sleeves of your tee.
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