Terrace Hill by Julia Kiecksee

Going for gold: Barbara Gomes shoot and video
Written by Tania Braukämper.

Some people (I can count myself amoung them) are just drawn to metallic gold. Like the supposed magpie, like a moth to a flame… A sparkle of gold thread or burnished sequins, gold beads or metallic gold leather, especially when set against pitch black fabric, just jumps out at you from across a rack of clothing and you’re compelled to go pick it up. Perhaps that innate appeal is part what spurs on runway trends towards gold clothing, a trend we saw for spring 2012 that will no doubt carry over into fashion in fall 2012. Gold just speaks to richness and glamour and hidden treasure.

It also may be why the use of gold running right through Julia Kiecksee‘s latest shoot – Terrace Hill – is the styling element that stands out most.

via: fashionising.com

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