Aging delay remedies

Recently, scientists studying assiduously factors responsible for aging body. Does the process can be delayed?
Life expectancy increases continuously, old age was driven at least ten years, but each of us would like to cross this decade won, without even seeing the withered body, the wrinkled face covered, and reduced to half strength . As we age, the body's natural defenses down, letting the free radicals that damage cells proliferate. For this process to brake effectively, we need to act on many levels, to give it body anti-oxidant substances, to protect our tissues, favor cell growth and to reduce inflammation and infectious phenomena. Responding to each of these needs, we can slow down the passage of time.Certain substances which can be taken as dietary supplements, respond to each of the factors of aging and allow the cells to recover.Natural Vitamin C - promotes collagen synthesis, possess anti-oxidant action, increases the body's natural ability to defend and actively combat the effects of nicotine.Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant. It is considered by excellent anti-aging vitamin.Flavonoids (active principles contained in plants) are substances which boost the body's defenses. Protects and preserves vascularitatea connective tissue.Essential fatty acids (wheat germ oil, soybean oil) are essential to fight against free radicals and cell membrane to facilitate recovery.Present in fruits and vegetables, cereals and vegetable fats in all of these weapons fighting old age waiting for one thing: to be put into the dish. Not only health, but also beauty depends on "science" that we eat. When you start by shopping districts close your eyes in front of the meat, sweets and meats, and open wide in front of shop windows and fruit and vegetables. They are youth who dream.
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