Beauty tips and advice from the time grandparents

* Recipes spiteresti in flasks pharmacist Ion Bobaru *
In his laboratory in Braila, which keeps trim last century pharmacist Ion Bobaru prepared not only cures the disease driven, and beauty recipes. Cream for all skin types, water front against pimples ointments and creams for removing stains are all prepared by hand, by the nineteenth century apothecary method. "The beauty and health always go hand in hand", the pharmacist-alchemist briefs while on work aligns more round bottles with labels written calligraphy. Honey and beeswax, cocoa butter, lanolin, castor oil, are just some of the natural ingredients Ion Bobaru mix them in making lotions and cosmetics.
Ointment of wax whale
Poticar master always at hand, the first pharmacopoeia in Romania recorded a few of the secrets and silky white skin that perfect feminine beauty two decades ago. In the last century, emollient ointment or cream spermaceti chest of drawers was missing from the grandmother's bedroom. Was prepared in the mortar, the fusion of natural ingredients that the cosmetics industry today has forgotten. "Mix three parts wax wax virgin six parts spermaceti (sperm whale fat) and 24 parts of almond butter. After the ingredients have melted and the mixture has cooled, add 16 parts rose water. Stir until we obtain a very white and very soft cream ", I read Bobaru pharmacist, glad we can talk in detail about the therapeutic power of natural ingredients. "It might entertain you grandma cream components, especially spermaceti. Called" white whale ", he is purified crystalline wax extracted from cranial cavities of sperm whales. Getting them involved massacres For underwater mammals, this fat is not still used today as raw material in the manufacture of cosmetic dermatology. In pharmaceutical practice was replaced with a synthetic ". Although the pharmaceutical industry has replaced spermaceti with a chemical, cosmetic nature miraculously found a replacement plant: tree oil jojoba seeds. It is chemically almost identical to the fat extracted from the cetacean skull. Besides helping to balance the secretion of sebum, jojoba oil is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E, prevent wrinkles, maintaining skin elasticity and stimulating cell regeneration.Almond butter, another key ingredient of the time pomezii grandparents, dull skin tone and stimulates blood circulation. Due to its composition, emollient cream was also used to keep control of the nail cuticles, providing hands beauty, strength and health, especially in winter. Following the proportions indicated by the formula, grandmother emollient cream can be prepared at home, the ingredients are easy to find in the trade. If instead of spermaceti, jojoba oil is used, it is recommended to reduce it by half, ie put only three parts oil.
Rejuvenation Cream
Starting from the recipes of beauty found in pharmaceutical manuscripts of the nineteenth century, John Bobaru decided to prepare in the alchemist's laboratory and cure aging.Antioxidant face cream contains natural ingredients that you measure your pharmacist and melts them in a mortar, a formula only he knows. Stops aging skin cream contains mainly coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, E and fluid extract of bark and seeds of red grapes, introduced in emollient base. The active ingredient is resveratrol, a powerful enemy of the signs of aging. Resveratrol is present in other fruits such as plums and black cherries, grapes are the richest but this natural antioxidant.Beauty of the time grandparents
Ion Bobaru
It is possible that the Dacians old vine cultivators, have discovered this "fountain of youth" that scientists have come only in the twentieth century. "It's fascinating that this substance occurs by a defense mechanism against bacterial fruit parasitic environment. On the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, restores skin elasticity and opposes deepening wrinkles," says Ion Bobaru pleased to have succeeded to produce a cream that a significant foreign pharmacies."In terms of coenzyme Q10, it is naturally present in all cells, but its level decreases with age. For this reason, I thought to prepare a cream to ensure required amount of coenzyme skin. In Furthermore, the content of resveratrol, vitamins A and E this guarantees strong antioxidant that slows aging.'s a skin cream that come easily and regularly applied at night before bedtime, offers skin a healthy and luminous. " Antioxidant cream can be used interchangeably with one pharmacist Bobaru creams that you prepare specifically for each skin type: oily, dry and normal.Following the principle that beauty means, first, health, cosmetic creams containing Bobaru pharmacist of natural remedies to combat the drawbacks specific to each type of skin.
Cream with honey
G face cream, skin care designed for oily therapeutic action is based on an ancient medicine: honey, one of the stars beauty recipes. To ensure maximum effect potion prepared, pharmacist Ion Bobaru is very picky in terms of purity of honey. "None of the drugs created by man unites all healing qualities of honey. Natura was a pharmacist and perfect for us to enjoy her gift, we must ensure that it is as clean." They go with quick steps toward the shelf where ancient manuscripts kept open a codex leather. "You take raw honey in the proportion of ten parts, and pour over the five parts water. Mixture boil a tin boiler, removing the foam, until you achieve the consistency of a syrup groscior. Liquid strain through cloth and kept in a cool place. Asa pharmacists ensure quality of honey first. therapeutic power I combined action of honey with vitamins A and E, to potentiate the antibacterial and soothing cream, "says master pharmacist.U cream for dry skin. "People with this skin type are particularly prone to wrinkles and skin loses elasticity faster. Complexion dry, parchment look, is due to internal factors such as endocrine disorders, nerve or blood circulation.'s Also, dry skin can be due to external factors such as excessive exposure to the sun, the cold, hard water misuse, calcareous lower quality soaps, cosmetics and even some excess weight loss. ointment for dry skin care on which combines pharmacy prepared nutritious qualities of honey with olive oil and cocoa butter. contains and beeswax, lanolin, and the fragrance of lavender essential oil. "
Medicines for skin diseases: acne and blemishes
The casket of ancient manuscripts, which he discovered after almost 40 years, Master poticar found and remedies for skin imperfections. Inseparable from yellowing file registers, Ion Bobaru prepare ointments that treat major skin problems such as acne and blemishes. "Stained skin may be a consequence of abnormalities in the metabolism of a pigment called melanin. This dysfunction may occur as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, which destroys the natural protection against ultraviolet radiation. Often spots on skin appear to pregnant women as photosensitivity reaction, or in women taking oral contraceptives. There are many situations where the stains that appear on the face are signs of liver disease or another internal imbalance. smoothing skin pigmentation can be done with a cream it contains bleaching substances, contained in an emollient base, made up of natural substances. " Before applying the cream for stained, it is recommended to clean water, all by hand potion prepared in the laboratory. Treatment should last more than ten days.One of the most difficult problems of cosmetics, skin acne treatment that shows blackheads, pimples and boils, involves first identifying the causes. Prone to oily skin, acne can be caused by many factors, and appropriate treatment should first consult a doctor (dermatologist, internist or gynecologist). Every treatment begins with cleaning cheek stage for the pharmacist prepares Aqua Ion Bobaru D'Alibouri an old solution, but effective antiseptic effect and degreaser. After the skin has remained clean, apply anti acne cream, prepared in the pharmacy Faltis porcelain crucible. "Anti acne ointment containing an antifungal, an antibacterial agent, an antiallergic, a desiccant, a progestin and an emulsion moisturizer.'s One of the most requested cosmetic dermatology products, an effective alternative for those whom other treatments have not given satisfactory results."
Potions hair and legs
Hair care solution is required so the ladies who want to have a look as rich and healthy, and the gentlemen who are experiencing baldness. Potion has a triple action: stop hair loss, strengthens the roots and promotes hair regrowth in areas affected by baldness. Prepared by the typical two centuries ago, the cure contains a blend of natural ingredients. "It's a mixture of vegetable dyes (China tincture, tincture of cayenne pepper, walnut tincture, tincture jaborandi), then add castor oil. Tinctures action is completed by the effect of antifungal substances and revulsion, which accelerates blood circulation scalp, which stimulates the hair regeneration. After the hair has been washed and dried, apply lotion on the scalp, paths, massaging gently for using a small gauze. During the first month, the process should be repeated every three days, and then reduce use to once a week. For visible effect, treatment should be followed for at least three months, "she explained on-ndelete pharmacist.
Cream Heels
Beauty of the time grandparents
Used to give advice and listen to the problems of those who cross the threshold, Ion Bobaru is always responsive to the needs of his patients. "I started to prepare a special cream for skin cracked heels before 1989. Then not found on nylon stockings, and very many ladies were upset because of cracked heels are often forced to take on mending stockings. May Many customers have asked me to suggest a restorative cream, and as we had no effective product I thought it was time to find a formula and prepare ointment right here in Faltis pharmacy laboratory, "says smiling Ion Bobaru .Medicines and ointments in the laboratory demonstrates that remedies are true treasures of centuries past health. Their power is not the result of some mysterious therapeutic alchemical formulas. Simple and handy, old remedies combines elements of a pharmacy laboratory whose perfection can not be matched: Nature.
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