Ten years younger. Is it possible?

We are loved all traces of time on our skin ... Fortunately, beauty today is studied in the laboratory, and scientists can we guarantee that the age be kept in place. At least ten years ...
Hair and makeup
How to cover the signs of the times?
No makeup mask wrinkles. But a few simple interventions can give beauty skin, eyes glow and make your lips look fuller.The man knows how to advantageously mature skin: Andrei Baranów from L'Oreal Paris makeup for years stars for their appearances at the Berlin Film Festival among others, Catherine Deneuve (64 years), Isabelle Huppert (54 years), Lauren Bacall (83). The eight basic rules made him show us how powder and brush rejuvenating discreet but visible chip.* Basic Care - skin, especially the elderly, needs moisture. We can stimulate cell regeneration inside, drinking plenty of water, and from the outside, applying creams nutrients. An important role has skin cleansing.* Makeup - A quality product gives a smooth complexion uniformity. You should not use too much foundation because he camouflages life drawing lines.* Foundation - foundation professionals spread in an even layer, and the care economy, employing for this purpose a sponge or brush. Then Baranów makeup expert recommends adding a mineral powder by dabbing brush, performing circular movements. "This gives smooth skin, because mineral powder covers very well." Who's in a hurry can be content with powder.* Choice of Color - Blush and powder is tested on the wrist before buying them. "Correct shade makes surface that has been tested to be different from the rest of the skin only through greater uniformity, not by color."* Eyes - Professionals use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin. It hides dark circles, giving the face an expression of fatigue.* Genes - The best choice is black mascara because it makes your eyes look bigger, highlights the eyes and highlights the iris color.* Cheeks - Apply red blush on the cheeks, extending it to the ears. This produces a nice shape. And to give the impression of freshness.* Lips - prefer glosses, because it helps lips look a little fuller.
Scissors and comb in place scalpel and buffer
Ten years younger. Is it possible?
A good haircut can make lifting competition. Manfred Kraft, a very popular hairdresser in Munich and representative of the company Krastata, we expose how the years can be fooled.* Gray long hair cut. Few women look young for a long time, wearing long hair. At most, the effect is the opposite.* Fashion and tastes change. If you keep the same hairstyle for decades, you will look old-fashioned, so old.* A supercorecta hairstyle is counterproductive. A casual haircut suggests a modern lifestyle and youthful impression clearance. So, do not Tapati and not clogged with hair spray.* They left the same length hair often creates a severe look. It's better to be trimmed in steps in the direction of the face. So, women look softer and more feminine.* Bangs hide forehead wrinkles disagreeable. For this deceptively lifting effect are enough few strands skillfully styled forehead.* Short haircuts rejuvenation, it is true, but beware: if you stay naked head, the result is the opposite, that girl looks too harsh.* Appear unkempt hairstyle simple and natural. Naughty style signals: are full of vitality and in perfect shape.* Curls and waves are a sensitive issue. Frame them, a young girl can become childish. One older is not flattered by a cascade of waves that do not match the maturity.* Hair color tones light, warm, have the optical effect of a rejuvenation cure. Too dark colors, like shades of gray, purple or blue highlights real age.
It sports a fountain of youth?
Yes, say experts. 40 minutes of exercise per day delay cell aging. Provided that you drink plenty of water and avoid stress.Ten years younger. Is it possible?

"The best means of transport for waste disposal cell is water," said Professor Ingo Frobose, director of prevention from the Faculty of Physical Education in Cologne. Therefore, as a first measure the rejuvenation of our appearance, he recommends "lots of water". If you were after him, you should drink every day three, possibly even four liters. We give a second piece of advice: "oxygen must reach the cells only when the brain retains its freshness and give an overall impression of youth." To achieve success visible enough jogging 30-45 minutes two to three times a week for 30 minutes or walk in step performed every day.But resistance training does not solve everything: "Is that necessary training and muscle. Muscles do not know what age they, so we can constantly rejuvenate. Personally I do gymnastics ten minutes every day, no more. However and only get three times a week for ten minutes. " To strengthen the major muscle groups, he performed squats, pushups, and stretching exercises for the abdominal muscles.Keep concrete successes than expected, promises specialist. "Already after two to four weeks, oxygen gives a new glow eyes." Then comes visible muscle changes, says Frobose. "After a quarter of a year you can see the difference."
Stress makes us age faster
One reason is the hormone cortisol. Solution: We keep in shape physically and mentally.Two kinds of stress damage our cells. One is oxidative stress produced by aggressive oxygen molecules, which are the leading cause of skin aging. The second is psychological stress. This hormone plays a particularly cortisol, which the body diminishes slowly, unlike other stress hormone, adrenaline. Cortisol and muscle damage skin cells and also increase oxidative stress, as shown in a series of recent studies.People who live in conditions of prolonged stress accelerates their aging of cells, such as during rush. Specialists recommend them as a remedy a highly simple daily 30 minutes of exercise, 30 minutes of enjoyable activities and relaxation exercises 5 minutes.
Be careful to outfit
Suck belly, remove the breast before and in a moment you will look younger. Ideas and exercises that will correct posture.Phone to stand on one leg (help coordinate, outfit, deep muscles).* Instead of pushing a shopping trolley, better wear a basket in each hand.* Purchase a pedometer (instrument that records the number of steps) it will motivate you to go through the 10,000 steps a day recommended by specialists.* Watch your outfit. The old rule of "tummy tuck, breast forward" is better than a crooked back.* Tree yoga exercise represented in the picture has a double action rejuvenation. He trains and kept deep muscles, relaxing at the same time, as a consequence of concentration made by you, to keep you in balance. Stay in position as long as you can do it without effort. If possible, perform this exercise every day.
Creams and lotions
Well tiled, well preserved?
Who has realistic expectations of anti-aging skincare will not be disappointed. Care consistently bring the biggest successes, said professionals."Deep wrinkles can not be removed with a single application of anti-aging creams," says scientific director of Vichy cosmetics firm. But people quickly get discouraged and turn back shelves with creams lose a chance at all negligible.Ten years younger. Is it possible?
"At ten vested, for example, a conscientious care, daily, has a keratolytic effect. This means that it helps peeling skin cell aging." The result: over time, the skin becomes smooth and moisturizing substances, energy and nutrients can penetrate better. And improves microcirculation, the skin is soaked with water. What is recognized from her appearance is more stretched and rose also and softer to the touch: "A well maintained leather is stiff but smooth."Over the years, the skin requires more intensive care. "Mature and aging skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and pale yellow." A simple fat cream can not help much. "Modern Cosmetics supports the natural functions of the skin, stimulates lipid metabolism and cell regeneration mechanisms of self-defense." We must understand that no cream fails to do so from the first application: "At our company, new products are tested at least four weeks prior to a verdict."However, by changing the skin tone can get some magical effect instantly. Many creams make use of a little trick: have the reflective mineral composition as alumina and small. This pigment is placed over a wave transparent wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother spark. Place.
The art of applying creams
Rule of thumb: the quality goes before quantity, and ceremonial beauty and pleasure we have to do.* Economy - Do not put too much of one and not be too insistent. It preferred a consistent routine care, but in moderation.* No fat - a day cream should not be too fat, but rather moisturizing.* Discipline - your cleanser and clean your face every night.* Peeling - call him once a week. Counsel with a specialist product choice.* Sunscreen - good protection against UV rays prevents wrinkles. Use sunscreen all year.
Can rejuvenate eating?
Ten years younger. Is it possible?

Some experts recommend Mediterranean menu. If you are wrong, fish, vegetables and vegetable oils as our favors at least figure and at the same time are good in taste. A food that combat signs of the times.Stopping aging nutritionists have handy recipes miraculous that we fulfill your desire. But with the right menu can still get a few things keeping us healthy, we feel ten years younger and, therefore, look better.On one hand, it's important what we eat: "Choose Mediterranean cuisine with more fish and less meat, more vegetables and fruits," say experts. Of course, depends on how: daily calorie intake should be under the control of a lifetime, because it makes us look older overweight. German Nutrition Society recommend 1800-2200 calories per day for women with average height and weight (1.65 m, 60 kg).
The best food and nutrients to firm skin
* Lettuce, beans, fresh vegetables, vegetable oils.Ten years younger. Is it possible?

* Fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants maximum are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, olives, spinach, red peppers, chili peppers pickled in vinegar, blueberries.* Salmon contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and substance DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), which gives the skin firmness.* Lean meat, nuts, peas, soybeans, beans and fish are rich sources of protein. People in whose food proteins occupy a very small percentage get older faster. The daily recommended 0.8 g per kilogram of body mass.* Drinks that provide protection against free radicals are black berry fruit juice, green and black tea, coffee and red wine (but no more than one small glass a day).* Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and, occasionally, a piece of dark chocolate skin inflammation wary.
We propose foreign specialists?
Botox, acid peels, eyelid stretching all involves risk. I tried to find out what techniques they use less invasive as embellishment experts if they may be tempted to rejuvenate themselves. The survey was taken from the magazine "Woman".
Dr. Tanja Fischer dermatologist:
"I would not ever take a risk"
"If I want to look more chic in the next half year, I would freshen the skin. For this there are many methods of peeling and microabrasion, of which the most advanced is the new method BioMed refined version of a fruit acid peel. Application period is relatively short, and safety coefficient is very high. This would be my essential argument: that there are no unforeseen risks. "* Biomedic peels: A new method of peeling, introduced in the fall of 2007, where intrebuintat acid, LHA, not to be neutralized. Removed when the happiest wrinkles, pigmentation and skin irregularities, for example scars left by acne. Four sessions are needed every two to four weeks, the cause minimum inconvenience (no need for anesthesia, no sick leave).
Dr. Matthias Wagner, specialist in general surgery and plastic
"My option would be a stretch of the eyelids"
"In terms of face, close-up of communication as an important aspect is the positive and open appearance. Therefore, I decided I would for a stretch eyelids. This procedure, commonly performed, is a relatively minor request patient and gives a visible rejuvenation, but not ostentatious. "* Stretching eyelids: An outpatient removal of fat deposits and / or excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, in most cases with local anesthesia and analgosedare (bringing the patient into a state of drowsiness). After about two weeks, you can resume normal activities and public contacts. Complications are rare and late damage.

Dr. Regina Wagner, a specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetics
"I use hyaluronic acid"
"If I could ensure a high level intervention, carried out by a qualified specialist, I might have more ideas for myself. Currently using hyaluronic acid to soften my nasolabial folds. Such vertical wrinkles not only older girl but her and make it seem less friendly. hyaluronic acid injections are a safe method and not complicated. "* Hyaluronic acid injections: an outpatient surgery that this substance which is naturally present in the body and retain water in the tissues, is injected beneath a wrinkle. Depending on the consistency acid effect lasts between 6 months and 2 years. Possible complications: asymmetry or nodules.
Dr. Stefan Schill, specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetics
"I put value on naturalness"
"I would not want big changes, but a more natural result. Earliest wrinkles give my daughter an expression of fatigue.'d Correct this shortcoming, appealing to a needling, a new method, which stimulates collagen formation with small needle pricks. Basically, the skin is so determined to make a single lift. again She looks younger and fresher. "* Needling: A new form of therapy for loose skin, wrinkles and scars. The surgeon walks a fine needle cylinder provided over the area of ​​skin affected. The process does not create a heightened sensitivity to subsequent solar radiation and the effect obtained is durable.
Dr. Jorg Blesse, specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetics
"Botox used for years"
"Because I do not want to look five years old and above and bitter, I manage a few years botulinum toxin. This expression of my forehead relaxes muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles inconvenient annoyance. I can not say that I changed my life, but I no longer conceive missing from this aid. "* Botox: ambulatory treatment with botulinum toxin expression muscles generally devoid of drawbacks. The most common complication: pain persistent headache.
Dr. Dagmar Rohde dermatologist in Kiel
"Termajul is currently the best solution for me"
"Termajul is currently the best solution for me, because it gives the skin while firming and smoothing the surface thoroughly. Needed one session, after which you can immediately appear in public, and the effect lasts for several years. This is the ideal way to combat a started by leaving the skin. "* Termaj: Intervention ambulatory, consisting of connective tissue heating Radio frequency energy field, after which the skin becomes firmer. No anesthesia, no sick leave.
Dr. Jihan Mohasseb
"My choice is mesotherapy"
"I always resort to cosmetic mesotherapy skin to rejuvenate my face. This gentle method introduces vitamins and nutrients directly into the skin, without recourse to incisions, so without giving rise to scarring. Immediately look relaxed and refreshed and can occur in public. has no cream to match the effect of mesotherapy. "* Mesotherapy: An outpatient which active substances are pumped into skin cells through an electric field. It is used primarily for skin rejuvenation and cellulite fighting.
Drastic measures
What methods are dangerous?
There are some anti-aging methods that would be more prudent to not try. Because their results are astounding paid to the risk of dangerous side effects.
Wrinkles around the mouth should disappear after injection. Instead, they formed nodules allergies. For months, the patient was not getting any younger, but disfigured. "The number of such cases is greater than knowledge", warns plastic surgeons. Who calls from a qualified and experienced to be informed in detail and treated properly, reduce risk share, and in the event of side effects and ensure qualified care. Most experts have reservations for the following processes:* Botox injections Some doctors make such a joy, although botulinum toxin is a powerful poison, with a destructive action on the nervous system. In the U.S., children treated with drugs like bacillus botulinum toxin suffering from spastic paralysis, and some of them died. "Counter wrinkle injections" can cause paralysis of the facial muscles.* Lifts facial interventions are irreversible, even when they fail. In addition, thirty years after the first surgery, it is found that older girls then rejuvenated by lifting uglier.* Peels deep peels should not be confused with light. The executed in depth are painful and risky: the scars may remain behind.* HRT hormones used in menopause, there is an anti-aging means harmless. It is believed that they increase the risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart attack.
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