New figures from Hollywood

Some stars have returned to the weight it has enshrined. Others, by contrast, yielded helplessly to the extra pounds. Find out who won and who lost the war in scales!

Mischa Barton

now: 75kg

before: 56 kg


She's only 27 years old and overweight. We're talking about the sexy appearance of the "The OC"
series, who began her career as a model, which weighed about 56 pounds in her good days.  

Well, on April 8, Mischa has shocked everyone, showing off  her huge hips to some and an unusually full figure (although she has been a true yo-yo ambassadorhad frequent episodes of weight fluctuations).  

How did this happend, you might ask? Actress finds refuge in food. "Mischa's friends fear that she eats in order to find emotional comfort. She was once one of the hottest actresses, and is now almost a nobody, "said a source quoted by the" National Enquirer ". Nothing new, indeed, for even Mischa admitted to be suffering from depression, stress and difficulties of daily life, which increase the appetite and makes her eat uncontrollably.

Tip: More sport! The exercise is not just your physically but also helps you psyhologically, due to the release of endorphins in the body, those substances which offers a state of happiness.

Christina Aguilera: 

now: 50 kg

before: 60 kg

 Christina has become the star that we know and appreciate. We're not talking voice, but her complete physical once so beautiful talent. Well, yes, diva is now easier than 10 pounds and appearances, less awkward. 

But how did a foodie, and especially an avid consumer of junk food like Aguilera, to get rid of pounds sinful? She hired a personal chef that I cook at home healthier versions of her favorite foods, and fast food meals limited to one per week. 

Diva completed, obviously with an intensive program of fitness, 50 minutes of sport every two days (6 minutes heating, 36 dance and 8 stretching). 

For a faster and more effective results, Christina adds weight to the ankles and wrists when doing sports. 

 A good tip to follow: after each meeting fitness, Christina was washed with cold water up to stimulate blood circulation.

  Lisa Marie Presley:  

now: 52 kg

before: 74 kg

After years and years of weight problems, Lisa, now aged 45, has weakened no less than 25 kg and managed to get back in bikini. "She got back her body from 10 years ago and never looked better than now," said a family friend said on "National Enquirer". When, in March 2010, the former wife of Michael Jackson reached an alarming weight of 74 kg, the star decided to change their lifestyle dramatically. How? Giving to the temptations and stresses of Los Angeles for quiet English town Rotherfield (56 miles from London).  

A very inspired move because they agree with Lisa Marie British air and country life: do not overeat, has its own garden with fresh vegetables and fruits, and go very far away.  

"Now, Lisa is eating healthy, especially organic food. Fats were simply melted, and she managed to stabilize weight 52 kg, without much effort. Not many women of her age can show off in a bikini, "continues the source cited above.
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