How to Make Your Makeup Last: In the Heat

Are you tired of your makeup to migrate because of high temperatures? We have solutions!
It is essential to apply textures in the correct order, the secret is to use liquid textures in the meal, thus makeup adhere better to the skin surface and withstand any weather conditions. But let's take it in perfect order, with all erapele that guarantees perfect makeup and 40oC

1. Use an oil-free foundation and looking for ingredients that absorb excess sebum as silica.

2. Set eyeliner with eyeshadow. Pencil will not migrate if you just apply a powder over it eyeshadow in the same shade.

3. Cancel creamy blush. Although it has a fresh and natural blush with creamy texture tends to fade during the day, especially if we talk about one hot summer. Instead, use the powdered version - it will glow for hours flawlessly.

4. Apply a thin layer of powder. Counteracts the effect of sebum and sweat with a little translucent powder. If you fear that will accentuate wrinkles or fine lines of the skin, apply it with a large brush. Beware, however, not to apply too much product, it is good to shake the brush before contact with the skin.

5. Finally you can provide more resistance by thermal spraying a bit of makeup all over.

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