Take a look at how Iulia Albu dressed for a simple night out! Do you like the look?

Based on the motto that fashion editors must constantly reinvent themselves and be very creative when choosing their outfits, Iulia Albu shocks at every appearance, wether she goes to important events, just walking in the park or the going out with friends!

To show that she studies at the Faculty of Arts, which requires much creativity, Iulia left the house wearing an eccentric dress plus some electric blue sandals, created by Mihai Albu.

Not caring that others might be shocked by her choice, Iulia accessorized with a hat with bizarre plumage, reminiscent of a black hen.

The Skirt, which looks like a scarf is created by their daughter's godmother, designer Galyna. What do you think of Julia's outfit?

photo credit: http://www.libertatea.ro/
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Atelier By Ligia Fiedler - Custom Sewing & Design
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