Agua De Coco Swimwear Spring-Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Agua De Coco Swimwear Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE | Sao Paulo Fashion Week

SAO PAULO -  - FashionTV is backstage at the Agua Deo Coco show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. Model Fabiana Semprebom is an exclusive for the brand. The collection this season is based on Brazilian culture including birds, trees, and ocean.

Appearances: Fabiana Semprebom, Lais Ribeiro, Bruna Tenorio, Daiane Conterato, Raica Oliveira, Marcelia Freesz, Solange Wilvert, Thayna Santos, Natalia Zambiasi 


Agua De Coco Swimwear Spring/Summer 2014

If you ever wondered if the beaches of Brazil are laden with topless babes – they are not! It is simply illegal for women to go bare-breasted in public. However, women clad in dental floss and pasties are plentiful.

Sao Paulo is one of the most populated cities in the world; it is also the largest city in Brazil and boasts the biggest and most important fashion show in Latin America.

This year, Sao Paulo Fashion week’s summer collection presents the latest trends for summer with the hottest styles on some of the world’s most stunning models. One of the highlighted designers of the popular event is Liana Thomaz of Aqua De Coco.

The Agua De Coco Spring 2014 swimwear collection “emphasizes effortless Brazilian style with simple swimsuit cuts that are ­inspired by Brazilian rainforest prints, and dressed up with heavy accessories and incredibly large earrings,” reports the April 8, Fashion TV News.

“The bikini collection,” writes FTVN, “is also fairly clean cut, with plain colors and styles that are designed to show just the right amount of curves.” 

The designs sizzle hotter than the weather in which they are intended to be worn. 

Thomaz creates beautiful designs that appear to wrap the wearer in nature itself with prints from coconut fronds to toucans.

Makes one wonder – how can a designer construct such notable dazzling designs working with so little material?
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