Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the application of a very small electrical current precisely into the base of the hair follicle.This destroys it and permanently prevents that hair from re-growing. This is much more accurate and effective than tweezer electrical epilators designed for home use. A special tiny, pre-sealed, sterilised, one-use needle is skilfully inserted into the hole from which the hair is growing.

This is painless, as the needle does not pierce the skin and so it is nothing like an injection. Electrolysis needles are quite literally as fine as a human hair! The treatment is equally effective for any hair colour or type. There are 3 types of electrical application:
Diathermy, Galvanic and Blend: if galvanic is used, it causes a local chemical reaction in the natural moisture of the body tissues, the solution produced is caustic, and as it surrounds the treated hair, it damages the growth area within that particular follicle.  

Blend is a mix of a tiny amount of diathermy and galvanic current, which is most successful at destroying the hair follicle. Blend is well tolerated by most clients, as there is little heat felt during treatment, and it takes only a few seconds longer than the pure Diathermy method, and a few seconds less than pure Galvanic.

Hair removal over any substantial area requires multiple treatments, which makes it a more costly alternative in the short term than salon waxing, but then, the client will not have to subject themselves to the ongoing cost of waxing every few weeks for endless years.

If you’ve been asking “Is electrolysis a permanent type of hair removal?”, the answer is yes! In fact, electrolysis is the ONLY method that’s clinically proven to remove one’s hairs permanently for most people. But only if it’s administered correctly. Or you’ll run the risk of scarring!

This technique makes use of a light ray that penetrates through the skin’s surface to pinpoint a hair follicle without damaging the skin. Heat created via this light ray destroys the hair follicle. Patients have successfully used this method to curb hair growth for periods ranging from three to a year. Though hair will eventually grow back, this is still a relatively great option for people with active lifestyles.

Do be aware that several sessions are often required to achieve this effect. Especially if you’re covering a large patch since it’s actually done on a per hair basis. They’re also pretty costly. Some electrologists have known to charge at least $500 for each treatment! So if your budget’s slightly on the tighter side, you may want to consider other alternatives. Some people may also find this method rather painful.
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