Fendi Fall-Winter 2013-2014 RTW Fashion Show

"Fur is in the air," at Karl Lagerfeld's luxe punk Fendi show. Adorned in fox faux-hawks, models storm down the Fall 2013 runway uniformed in artisanal pelts of every color and type imaginable! Sporty shapes and mesmerizing striations provide a graphic quality to the collection, while trompe l'oeil embroideries give a futuristic effect to the high craftsmanship of the venerated house.

A new metropolitan warrior. Fendi starts out with the DNA of the fashion house: fur. And re-interprets it, thanks to creations of highly technological, artisanal, and almost monk-like mastery, to promote a wardrobe where romanticism is not allowed and what prevails is an animalistic and warrior femininity that is almost tribal. Fur is treated like any other fabric and discovers metamorphic visions: striped, inlayed, braided, while fabric is worked as if it is fox or mink, in a play on geometrical proportions and architectural silhouettes. Fendi revolutionizes the hierarchy and perceptions of the fabrics with urban contaminations. Just one word, Fur, which becomes the omnipresent mantra for the whole collection, in the pieces and on the accessories and even on the heads of the models in a punk mohawk-crest versions

skirts, dresses, and furs are above the knee. Ankle-length pants

beige, grey, light blue, black, pink, white, florescent pink, electric blue, brown, beige, violet

silk, leather, neoprene, cashmere, mink, fox, sequins, small decorations, satin

functional. a clean, feminine, and anatomic silhouette plays with geometric and architectural volumes

iconic bags that are revised in leather and inlayed mink embellished by small decorations, fringe, and micro-sequins. Pumps, boots, and lace-up shoes trimmed in fur and with multi-faceted and mirrored heels. Mohawk-style fox crests and sunglasses with fur sidepieces for a punk attitude
by: Max Sortino, via: http://www.vogue.it/en/

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