How to Make Your Hair Grow

How to Make Your Hair Grow With Eggs

Long healthy hair is sexy and appealing -although most women prefer to have a medium/long length, it is very tempting to go and cut it after only few months of waiting and I know that because every time I would promise myself that I wouldn’t cut my hair for up to 10 months, i would always fail keeping the promise and that because the hardest part when deciding to grow your hair is the medium length that requires so much time and effort to make the hair stay in place. Hair doesn’t grow at the same amount to everyone;there are some girls that wait forever to have their hair grow only 2 inches and there are others that you don’t see them for summer brake only, and their hair has grown intensively. But for all of you that are looking for some easy ways on making your hair grow healthier and longer below I will show you the egg remedy.

1-Separate the yolk of 1 egg. Take 1 tablespoon pure flaxseed oil and beat it into the egg yolk.

2-Wet your hair with a spray bottle, fill it with warm water and start spraying it all over your hair. You needed only a bit wet and not soaked. 2-Take the mixture with the egg yolk and oil and applied it all over your hair and scalp. Use your fingers to massage the scalp.

3-Wrap your hair with a plastic bag or a towel and leave it like that for about half an hour (5-10 minutes). Wash it off after with warm water and shampoo as usual and there you have it! Apply this mask twice a week and you will see how much your hair will grow and how healthy it will look.

 I personally think that Egg is one of the best things that you can do for your hair and that is the best thing that can solve almost every hair issues, like dryness, itchiness, split ends, dry hair and many other issues, so here is mask that you can use for healthy, soft, shiny and lustrous hair.

Take one egg and beat it very well and apply that to your roots and cover your hair with any cotton cloth and after that wash your hair with running water and any mild shampoo.

If you are dealing with dry hair then apply a mask of yogurt, egg and olive oil and you will get perfect solution of dry hair. You can take one egg and add juice of one lime in it and massage for dandruff, Bananas and Almonds, it is also very good for healthy hair and very effective for health scalp too , you just need to mix one banana and one table spoon of almonds oil and apply that massage for healthy shiny hair, just give 45 minutes to this mask and rinse off with cold water and mild shampoo.

Henna Pack

If you are trying to get long and healthy hair then try this pack, but you need to be really patient, you need to give your hair three months, and you will see healthy shiny beautiful hair with a very beautiful shade too and this is the recipe of that pack and you need to make it every other day and use it fresh.

First of all you need to make a tea for it to mix properly and for that put water on stock and add one cinnamon stick and one table spoon of coffee in it and when you see that it is boiling then add tea leaf in it and after 5 minutes strain this and mix henna with it.

Now add 5 tablespoon henna, add one egg, two table spoon mustered oil and mix it well and keep one thing in mind you got to mix it 12 hours before you want to apply, and keep this mask on for 2 hours at least and wash it with mild shampoo, you can use mask twice a week and enjoy the beautiful hair.

Homemade hair masks and rinses are often the best treatments for getting long hair fast. Simple and effective recipes you can make in your own kitchen are made with easy-to-find ingredients like eggs, bananas, olive oil and honey. Here are some recipes for you to try at home.
  •     Gather an egg, banana, one teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk, and five teaspoons of olive oil. If you’re not able to use olive oil, you can replace this with any oil you have on hand. Mix the ingredients up well, and then massage the mask onto your scalp and hair. Leave the mask on your hair for 25 minutes before you shampoo and condition.
  •     For a conditioning mask that keeps your hair healthy, combine equal parts honey to olive oil, and then massage onto the hair and scalp. You will leave the mask on for about 25 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as usual.
  •     Strawberries aren’t only good in pie! Blend an egg yolk, two tablespoons of olive oil, and one cup of strawberries together in a food processor. Apply it to your entire head of hair, and soak for 15 minutes before continuing your normal shampoo and conditioning routine.
  •     Organic hair rinses like those made with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar will clear any residue left over from shampoos, conditioners or hair products. By using these, you will also remove dead skin, and promote hair growth by removing the debris around the hair follicles.
  •     A hot oil treatment from a salon or at home will improve blood circulation for healthy hair growth. To begin, heat the oil of your choice in the microwave for 35 seconds. Massage your scalp for a few minutes with olive oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, or even vegetable oil. Massage for a few minutes, and then shampoo and condition as usual.

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