Temperley London Pre-Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

Wings are used as a tidy metaphor for a career that has taken flight. They also provided a key motif for Temperley’s pre-fall collection in the feathers that were printed on silk satin. The cinematic thing about the result is that it neatly fitted with the designer’s claim that Alice Temperley herself had been obsessed with movie costumes while she was working on the collection. According to Tim Blanks, the designer – whose obsession for winged things resulted in a London flagship that was once home to the Royal couturier – found muse in more than just movie costumes;
“but also in the photographer Horst, and the spirit of his chiaroscuro portraits of screen goddesses from the thirties.”

Suffice to say that these outfits have quintessentially movie glam-girl stitched all over them. The daytime looks are very Lady of the Manor and has a strong and undeniable British heritage aesthetic to it. The palette of warm earth tones, sandy browns and neutral hues all provide a safe artistic background to stay stylish during the inevitable transitional summer/autumn period. Subtle yet highly sophisticated (as every Temperley gal should be) we are coming to see that the Temperley woman this season is portrayed as being kind of poised yet adventurous woman from days of yore. With her hats and heels, she’s like a modern day version of a character from Death On The Nile, an Englishwoman on holidays in 1940s Egypt. Or is it more the evoked images of the late F. Scott Fitzgerald’s summers spent reaching out to an elusive, green light at the end of Jay Gatsby’s dock?

Cashmere, angora, chunky knit, traditional brown belts. Oh we do thrive in the Temperley gravitas of it all.

And from day enters the night yet Temperley’s latest array of party gowns ensures there is certainly nothing formidable about it. Again, the brand creates well structured dresses that are luxuriously expensive looking and alluring yet feminine and tasteful. They are young without being cutesy and sophisticated and chic without being dowdy or matronly. Classic silhouettes and ornate prints will slowly become your best friends ladies making you the envy of your friends at any given winter bash. We wouldn’t be suprised if HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is soon be seen parading around in such dress gems herself given her being a huge Temperley fan. And I think the model’s resemblance to her poses no coincidence…

Fashion at its finest could able-bodied be the best words to call Temperley London’s pre-fall 2013. The accumulation of the 1930′s film glamour abstraction is absolute from alpha to finish. Ms. Temperley treads that fine line between doing what she does best and chartering some new territories, all of which she manages to do with great apparent ease of hand and will no doubt ambit fashionistas off their feet.

by Gemma Jones via: http://deavenue.co.uk/

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