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Basics of How-To
How to dress like a diva provides you with step by step instructions. You do not have to be a certain size or look a certain way to pull it off, all you need is self confidence, belief in yourself and a passion for dressing up. You can buy designer clothes if you can afford to but if you can't you can still be a diva on a budget. Emphasize you best features and invest in some standard pieces of clothing and accessories. Most od all, be yourself and love yourself.

Instructions on how to dress like a diva :)

Step 1
Know Your Divas

Know your Divas. you can do so by checking them out in magazines, online or on TV. Watch them on the red carpet or when they are performing on stage or in the movies. Observe their styling, their clothing, shoes, accessories, how they carry themselves, their hair and makeup.

Step 2
Choose Age Appropriate Divas to Copy

Choose age appropriate divas to copy. If you are a teenager you would want to dress like a diva who is closer to your age group. Observe divas like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna. If you are a little older you can go for Beyonce, Rihanna or J Lo. The idea is to dress diva age appropriately.

Step 3
Identify Your Best Feature and Emphasize it

Identify your best feature and emphasize it. Your breasts, your butt, your hips, face, eyes, hair , legs can can each be a best feature for you or you could have a combination of best features. Dress to empasize these features. Low cut dresses, tight fitting jeans, short skirts and clothes that will show off your assets are a must. Take a look at J Lo, and Beyonce and you will see that they wear clothes to show off their figure. Divas come in all shapes and sizes and you don't see any of them hiding their assets.

Step 4
Style Your Hair

Style Your Hair. This is something anyone can cultivate. If your natural hair isn't enough, do what the divas do. Color, style, add extensions and keep up with the latest hair styles. Some divas like it short, others like it long. Pick your poison but ensure your hair looks well styled and immaculate at all times.

Step 5

Accessorize. Nothing says dress like a diva like the accessories you choose. Check to see what is in style in a given season. Keep up to date with trends as they change quickly. Chunky or glitter jewelry, fashion boots, stylish high heels, belts and scarves, should be used to help you dress like a diva. These are great assets when used appropriately.

Step 6
Show off Your Body

Wear clothes that are in style and ones that accentuate your features. A diva can be any size or shape, what is important about dressing like a diva is how you pull it off. Great examples are Beyonce, Jenniifer Hudson and Jennifer Lopez. They dress to show off what they have and they do so with style and sophistication like true divas. Choose proper fitting jeans and slacks, form fitting underwear, feminine blouses and tops, and skirts and dresses that warrant a second or third look.

Step 7
Be Yourself

Be Yourself. This may sound like double talk. First you are shown how to dress like a diva and now you are told to be yourself. It isn't. Being yourself means being proud of who you are as a person, being confident and self assured. If you are not any of these, try to cultivate these qualities prior to trying to dress like a diva. To pull off dressing like a diva, you must have some of these qualities. You can also develop you own individual diva style, design your own clothes and make a statement.

Step 8
Stay Within Your Budget

Stay within your budget. There is no need to break the bank to dress like a diva. If you can afford designer clothes, shoes and bags, sure go ahead and buy them. If you can't you can still be a diva on a budget. Looking like a diva can easily be done with careful planning. Think about buying look-a-likes which can save you a bundle. You can also seek out sales and discount stores, buy from new up coming designers and learn to redesign existing items. But, you should nevertheless, invest in a few standard pieces like jeans shoes and bag.

Step 9
Learn to Apply Makeup Properly

Learn the proper way to wear Makeup. It is time to cultivate the art of makeup. This is an absolutely essential part of dressing like a diva. If you are not sure how to, you can learn by watching how to videos, reading about it and practising until you are perfect. Don't be afraid to use bold and enticing makeup to create a diva like appearance.

Flaunt it!

Flaunt it. Now you that you look like a diva, it is time to show it off. You will be amazed at the stares and jealous glares you will get. Whether you are going to work, to the corner store or walking the dog, you can dress like a diva, look like a diva and feel like a diva. [via:]

DIVA Tips gives you valuable advice on how to shop and dress like a true DIVA, for Fuller Figured Women:

Society has not always been kind to females with larger frames. Height may help certain outfits fit better, but will not disguise image problems. It also does not help that the media and web constantly throw out images of "perfect" bodies at size eight or less. Although we all must accept the bodies we are given, peace of mind is frequently difficult to locate. Our suggestion is to recognize your flaws, and what can be done about them. After deciding on the proper path, you can improve your health, and some physical changes will naturally follow. Remember that you only get one chance at life, and should experience it to the fullest.

The best way to boost your confidence is to know the best qualities you possess and put them to use as much as possible. Try on different outfits and examine how you look in them in a full length mirror, but not just any outfit, your most special lingerie. Glance at how you look with your bra and panties on. What quality stands out as being your best? Once you pin point that, you can therefore shop and watch your confidence in your body image flourish.

Many plus size women have a favorite feature. For some it is their breasts, others love their waist, and some have great legs. So keep in mind which knockout feature you want to highlight and buy clothes that emphasize it. You'll feel sexy knowing that you're emphasizing your gorgeous figure.

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