Styling Tips on How to Wear the White Dress Shirt

On this page you'll discover different chic ways to wear a dress shirt, how to accessorize it and how you can make your own fashionable adjustments to a boring shirt.

A white dress shirt is one of the most-important essentials in every woman's wardrobe - yes, for all clothing personalities - Trendy to Sporty, Urban to Eclectic. Most people associate it with the corporate dress code world - however, if they just open their minds a little, they'll discover that a dress shirt can be styled in multiple ways by dressing it up or down. 

I suggest doing these adjustments when wearing a dress shirt: 

-Unbutton that shirt 
Leave the collar holes unbuttoned. In fact, leave the 2-3 holes from the top unbuttoned! It softens the stiff look and creates a flattering line from your face and down. 

-Go for women's dress shirts in pretty colors 
Go for pretty colors besides white and blue. Like for example, baby pink, peach, mint green or lavender. 

-Be expressive with cute details 
Look for dress shirts with cute, feminine details like ruffles, puffed sleeve, bib pleats and belted waist (not all together, of course!) 

-Accessorize it 
Embellish your dress shirt with either jewelry, belts or scarves. One of the things that differentiates our style from guys, is that we can wear all kinds of glitz and beads. So sweeten it up a little with a pearls! Or try a statement necklace, cocktail ring or a a pair of huggie earrings. 

* Belt: If you're wearing a too big dress shirt you can always wrap a skinny belt around your waist to make it fit. 
* Jewelry: Your personal style decides what type of jewelry you want to wear. If you want a sophisticated look, try a pearl or long crystal pendant necklace. For a more hip and eclectic look, try multi-layered necklaces, like for example beads and/or chain 

How about a splash of color? Wear a gemstone beaded necklace in your favorite bold color (red, coral pink, blue, canary yellow etc.) It instantly adds an unexpected twist to a plain dress shirt. If you want something that projects a fashion statement without looking over the top, try a cocktail ring! 

* Silk scarf: Tuck a nice silk scarf under the dress shirt's collar (just like a men's tie) and let it hang loose!

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