Acne Studios Spring-Summer 2014 RTW Fashion Show

 The wilting audience at the Acne show couldn’t even be roused by the impressive acapella performance of Pelle Almqvist singing (in Swedish) the Swedish poem “Till Havs” – translation “Out to Sea”.  Overheated, more than a few front row guests felt somewhat like shipwrecked sailors themselves, parched and craving cool water to drink.

So it was not under the best conditions that Jonny Johansson set sail his seafaring inspired show.

Perhaps the designer saw the rocky reception on the horizon, for he sent out the collection at a fast clip. Although, frustratingly splitting his catwalk in two, with panels of white sails so that each look could only be see for a few brief moments.

When they did come into view, the clothing was what you would expect from a sailing theme show, but with a slight Acne twist. Pea coats came with multiple big buttons, knit fisherman sweaters had an open weave so that the garment drooped off the shoulders and down well past the models hands, a sailor’s jacket showed up in the form of a denim dress, the famed yellow rain slickers showed up as crinkled crop pants or a roomy shirt and the final tailored suit was even adorned with silver anchor charms.

Johansson certainly remembered all the important fisherman elements in this show. But somehow the collection never came together as a whole. It was, as they say, lost at sea.

Photos courtesy of Acne Studios

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