Balmain Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Show

in the Balmain collection, what wins out are the precise and important silhouette and an intense gusto for décor.

Shoulders are pronounced, squared, and at times, retro; the waistline is slim; hips are full and draped, wrapped in balloon skirts and sarouel pants. While legs are often put on show, tall suede boots reach up under skirts like pants. Everything is finished off with very precious decorations and fabrics. Metallic laminates, quilted-looking inserts in glitter and lurex, stone appliqués, that are dampened only at times by the airiness of angora or the cleanness of leather

mini and midi

black, white, silver, bronze, gold, fuchsia

lamé, suede, lurex, leather, taffeta, angora, satin, stones, metallic leather, silk

hourglass, with pronounced shoulders and sarouel pants or balloon skirts

suede pants-boots, maxi chandelier earrings, belts with maxi golden cloth-looking plates, glitter ankle-boots, purses with appliqués, maxi jewel belts.
by Barbara Sini, via:
Images courtesy of Balmain 

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